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While Pikmin 3 is all the rage on the Wii U in Europe right now, with North America soon to follow, PlatinumGames will be bringing its own brand of anarchic action and real-time strategy to the system with The Wonderful 101; it arrives in Europe on 23rd August and the U.S. on 15th September. For those looking to pick up the download version from the Wii U eShop, it may be time to consider an external hard drive, as the European download comes in at a little over 10.2GB.

Some third-party games have unsurprisingly been sizable affairs, while the Nintendo-published LEGO City Undercover itself passing the 20GB mark; at the other end of the scale Pikmin 3 is under 4GB, while titles such as Nintendo Land and New Super Mario Bros. U are even smaller than that. In that respect The Wonderful 101 comes in the middle ground, obviously too big for the 8GB model (as many retail games are) and being a size that may still fit onto the 32GB models in some instances.

As has been the case since the Wii U launched, anyone serious about buying multiple retail titles simply has to plug in an external hard drive to make it feasible. Nintendo's certainly been keen to promote that approach with its consumers, with Nintendo of America offering free credit to those that add over $50 in eShop funds — an offer that expires soon — and Nintendo of Europe offering a 30% discount on The Wonderful 101's download if Pikmin 3 is picked up on the eShop.

So, are you thinking of picking up The Wonderful 101 as a download, or is it all about the disc for you? Let us know below.