Sonic Lost World is a title that's starting to shape up rather nicely, particularly with plenty of footage and images emerging for the Wii U version; while Sonic fans have every right to be cautious of the blue blur in a 3D game, early impressions have generally been positive.

The title has been on show at Comic-Con in San Diego, and Destructoid has played and posted some screens of a Casino Zone level, which is actually part of a Frozen Factory World. The disconnect between zones, names and worlds will apparently make sense in the final product, but the images (above and below) certainly bring to mind nostalgic moments from the memorable Sonic the Hedgehog 2 equivalent.

There are nods to nostalgia, apparently, with catchy music and hidden pinball areas to discover, including a mandatory section supposedly very similar to moments from the 16-bit age. Naturally this is the modern 3D cylindrical approach already seen in demos to date, however, and as well as looking for alternate routes this stage tasks you with picking up plenty of silver coins to buy access to certain sections. Overall, it seems to have been a well-received demo level.

It's nice to see a Casino Zone, of course, so check out the images and have a read of our own Sonic Lost World first impressions if you haven't already done so.

Thanks to EvisceratorX for the tip.