Tee hee!

Those of you with keen memories will no doubt recall a SNES platform title by the name of Plok. Released in 1993 and created by Ste and John Pickford — The Pickford Brothers, to you and me — the title was something of a cult classic and fans have been asking for a new entry for years.

It looks like those prayers may have finally been answered, as the Pickford Brothers are running a new comic featuring Plok on their website.

Here's Ste to explain:

We are constantly being bombarded with fan-mail requests to bring back Plok, with people asking us to make a sequel or to re-release the SNES game on Wii Virtual Console, 3DS, iOS, etc. We've wanted to revisit Plok for a long time, and we eventually decided that a regular comic strip would be a great way to re-introduce Plok to the world.

Of course, the question is why would the Pickfords decide to reintroduce this particular character now? Could a new Plok outing be in the works? Here's John to get your hopes up:

Will Plok return in his own game? Anything is possible, but for now he's got a lot to catch up on, and we can draw new comic strips a lot faster than they can make new games!

We'd personally love to see Plok remastered for the Wii U eShop, or even given the handheld treatment on the 3DS. Given the Pickford's focus on iOS of late, we'd guess that if he does make a comeback, it will be on Apple's machine — but you never know...

[source zee-3.com]