Batman ain't afraid of his new challengers

Holy patch notes, Batman!

NetherRealm has finally made good on their promise to update the Wii U version of DC Comics fighter Injustice: Gods Among Us, bringing a few balance tweaks, a few new free skins and DLC support.

Now lurking in the darkest shadows of the U.S. eShop are 19 packs for purchase, bringing the Wii U version up to speed with the game on other platforms. Unfortunately, it seems that NetherRealm has continued to neglect friend lobbies in this update, which is kind of a crazy oversight.

It's not entirely clear what balance updates were made: The game declares itself version 1.1.0 but the latest patch notes on only go up to v1.05. We presume that, even if the numbers don't match, the balance tweaks made are the same.

Below is a list of all of the available content to purchase; hop on to the game's eShop page to see what's included in each. Picking anything up?


General Zod — $4.99
Batgirl — $4.99
Lobo — $4.99
Scorpion — $4.99

Free Skins

Flashpoint Batman
Luchador Bane
Containment Suit Doomsday
Classic Ares

Paid Skins

Blackest Night Batman — $0.99
Blackest Night Pack 1 — $2.99
Blackest Night Pack 2 — $2.99
Flashpoint Skin Pack — $3.99
Lockdown Skin Pack — $2.99
Red Son Skin Pack 1 — $2.99
Red Son Pack 2 — $2.99
Arkham City Skin Pack — $2.99
New 52 Skin Pack — $2.99
Teen Titans Skins — $2.99
Bad Girls Skins — $2.99
Killing Joke Pack — $2.99
Ame-Comi Skins — $2.99
Earth 2 Pack — $2.99


Zombie Mode — $2.99 — Turn every character in the game into the undead

Thanks to Ryan Miller for the heads-up.