Super Beefjerks

Hugo Smits is a game designer and programmer at Goodbye Galaxy Games and has created a range of titles on DSiWare including the excellent Color Commando and the fantastic Ace Mathician.

Now he has decided to embark on a new challenge after seeing how much interest there is in Kickstarter projects with a Wii U stretch goal. After seeing this he thought it offers a useful way of finding out if the community actually wants the game on a specific platform.

Smits got in touch with us to let us know about a his new development project and told us how it came about:

With Goodbye Galaxy Games I mostly make puzzle/platform games. But a steady group of Nintendo fans keeps asking me if I’m going to make a more ‘hardcore’ game.

BYTEKRIEGER is a new indie super group, which consists of three members - Hugo Smits, Danny Flexner from Goodbye Galaxy Games and WayForward fame and Wiklund, also from Goodbye Galaxy Games.

The new group has just released its first prototype called Super Beefjerks and it’s completely free to play. You can play it here if you like, we'd certainly recommend it.

It sees humans finally take the fight to the evil cows that have blighted our land for so long - you hop in a small aircraft and take out the black and white beings while avoiding asteroids - it's actually pretty challenging the further you get.

Smits said if the team gets enough interest from the Nintendo community they will make it into a fully fledged 3DS eShop game.

What do you think to Hugo's latest project? Let us know what you think to it and whether or not you'd like to see it in the 3DS eShop in our poll below.

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  2. No thanks, I wouldn't buy it.32%

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