I can almost smell the burning metal

Back in the days before video games ruled every young child's life, there was Scalextric. Here at the Nintendo Life office — where we're all rather old and wrinkly — we can fondly recall playing with a battered old Scalextric track handed down by older relations, before finally getting our very own version, complete with two totally rad Mk III Ford Escorts. Bliss.

QUByte Interactive's HTR High Tech Racing may lack that iconic smell generated by each car's guide braid contacts connecting with the metal track, but at least it doesn't require an hour of painstaking track setup each time you play. It's based on a smartphone game which is already available on Android and iOS, but the developer is promising new additions in this version.

Here's a run-down of the game's key features:

  • More than 240 possible car configurations
  • 18 tracks in 3 different difficulty levels
  • Quickrace mode for casual gaming
  • Intuitive Track Editor
  • Online records
  • Simple controls simply slide to control your acceleration
  • Several challenging tracks with loops, jumps, crossroads, narrows and high and low speed curves
  • More than 65,000 tracks available for download (tracks will be compatible with the tracks made in other versions of the game)

QUByte has confirmed with us that Nintendo has given the studio the green-light to develop the game for the 3DS eShop. HTR High Tech Racing Plus — which is coming to Mac, Windows, Android, iOS and Windows Phone — will serve as the reference point for the Nintendo edition. QUByte is aiming for a Q4 release.

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Main image courtesy of Andy Reeve-Smith.