One title many 3DS owners have been yearning for in the West is Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney, which has been out in Japan since November last year. The game features two characters that have a proven track record in the Western market so many believe it will one day make it to Europe and North America.

However, as the months have gone by, people have started to lose faith in its eventual localisation, but a glimmer of hope has now emerged.

At the recent Japan Expo in France, attended by Nintendo Town, someone asked Level-5 CEO Akihiro Hino whether the game would make it over to Europe, to which he said (translated from French):

Something is in the works, but I can't talk about it today. Please be patient.

While this answer was explained with a French perspective in mind, this would cover the whole of Europe as a result.

The localisation of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Dual Destines was recently given the green light by Capcom, meaning 3DS owners will get the opportunity to to play the title later this year. Level-5 has a decent record of localising games so we would like to think Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney will make it over at some point, though based on the distribution of the upcoming Ace Attorney title, it will most likely find itself in the eShop.

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Thanks to Sam for the tip!

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