Just a walk, err, bike in the park

Vehicular platforming games are somewhat common fare for most gamers, but independent Japanese developer Spicysoft is looking to spice up the genre with an original game titled Bike Rider DX, which is set to launch on the North American 3DS eShop on 1st August, followed by a European eShop launch on 15fh August. The game has received a fairly warm welcome already in Japan under the name "Chariso DX," where it has sold roughly 150,000 copies to date.

Bike Rider DX sees the player riding and jumping his or her way through various real-world locales which are realized in a simple, yet charming cartoon style; players must try to collect three coins placed in not-so-easy to reach places throughout the stages. The developer promises many quirky power-ups, as well as an endless race mode. Famous Japanese artist and DJ Ram Rider has composed an original soundtrack for the game, and has also contributed to a special Ram Rider stage.

Not long to wait until this one cycles into the store, so don't forget your helmets.