Block buster

Like the talented and popular sporty kid you used to hate at school, Thor Aackerlund has been annoying the hell out of Nintendo fans for decades, thanks largely to his superhuman gaming skills — skills which won him the coveted Nintendo World Championship back in 1990.

Turns out Aackerlund hasn't allowed his talents to diminish as the years have rolled by — in this video posted by Patrick Scott Patterson, we see Aackerlund playing the NES version of Tetris almost to the point of destruction.

Not only does he max out the score at 999,999, he completes level 29, too — and achieves this despite the distraction of someone persistantly knocking on his door. Now that's talent.

A segment of this video is featured in the Tetris documentary The Ecstasy of Order: The Tetris Masters, but this is the first time the full footage has been shown to the public.

Have you ever gotten close to matching this kind of performance with your copy of Tetris? Let us know by posting a comment.