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Since this article was posted, we'd been contacted (and read in the comments) to suggest that Hideki Kamiya may have been teasing with his declaration that Bayonetta 2 would feature in the E3 Nintendo Direct. He since posted the following tongue-cheek tweet.

He's since been replying to various tweets in a tease-tastic manner, so who knows? In case the game designer is in full lovable scamp mode, we've adjusted the headline accordingly. We'll know for sure soon enough!

Original Article:

During Nintendo's official Wii U release date reveal last year, one of the most high profile and surprising announcements was that Bayonetta 2, sequel to the popular Xbox 360 and PS3 title from Platinum Games, would be exclusive to Wii U. Nintendo had picked up publishing duties in order to make the project possible, and in that act had secured exclusivity for its console, causing quite a stir in online gaming communities.

Not much has been seen of it since, beyond a few minutes of behind the scenes footage earlier in the year, but tweet-happy Platinum Games man Hideki Kamiya has taken to the social network to confirm that the title will be shown off during the big N's E3 Nintendo Direct on 11th June.

That does raise hopes that this game could still feasibly arrive in 2013, as the broadcast is supposed to focus on Fall and Winter releases for Wii U. Nintendo has launched a website and countdown for the broadcast, and we've pinned our hopes on a release for Bayonetta 2 this year by placing it in our latest "biggest Wii U games of 2013" feature.

Are you still excited about Bayonetta 2 coming to Wii U, and is it a game you're keen to see during E3?