Capcom recently divulged more details on Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Dual Destinies in a Q&A session hosted on TwitchTV, placing more on the title’s characters and settings into the court record.

According to the video, Dual Destinies will be set a year after Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney. The theme is “the dark age of the law,” beginning with a courtroom bombing, but the overall tone of the game is still expected to be similar to that of the rest of the series.

There have been a few changes to the characters over the past year. Miles Edgeworth now serves as chief prosecutor of the legal system. Phoenix himself has donned a new suit after an eight year hiatus from the courtroom, which is intended to make him look more mature. Both Phoenix and Apollo will have their own court battles.

Psychology seems to play a significant role this time around. Simon Blackwell, the new prosecutor who is also serving a murder sentence, is said to be an “intimidating” character who uses psychological manipulation to influence the proceedings. Phoenix’s new assistant, Athena Cykes, has studied analytical psychology.

“Lips are sealed” regarding Maya Fey. One of the game’s trailers does show a glimpse of Pearl Fey, though (look around 2:55), so odds seem pretty good that Maya will also show up somewhere.

Dual Destinies will feature fully animated cutscenes with English voice acting. It is said to contain about as much content as Trials and Tribulations and should take the average player 25-30 hours to complete.

No specific release date was announced during the Q&A. The game is still slated for an eShop release in the West this fall.

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