Our hero, ladies and gentlemen

Warren Spector is well known for developing stories within games. He believes the gaming medium is perfect for expanding plots and offering players choices that have an impact on their overall experience.

Speaking at the UC Santa Cruz's Inventing the Future of Games convention - which was attended and reported on by Gamasutra - Spector urged those game designers and creators who are currently making mainstream games to "level up" their storytelling,

The man behind titles such as Epic Mickey and Deus Ex gave a few examples of games that transport players to other worlds, and one of them was Nintendo's popular The Legend of Zelda series. It appears Spector has a lot of experience playing as Link as he went on to say:

I've personally saved Hyrule many, many times.

Spector would like to see more developers focus on storytelling in games as, unlike other media, he claims games have the ability to give each individual player a unique experience. He offered designers some advice to consider when they're making a new story-focused game:

If, at the end of this game, every player has the same experiences, go back and think.

Clearly Warren Spector believes stories can play a huge part in players' experiences, though he was quick to point out not all games need to have one.

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