ESWAT Mockup1

Former Backbone Entertainment artist Arvin Bautista has published art from Streets of Rage and ESWAT titles which were pitched to Sega — presumably with little success.

Bautista — who has also worked on Capcom titles Commando: Wolf of the Battlefield and 1942: Joint Strike — has released the concept art on his personal blog. The two games would have been made available on PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade, had they ever progressed any further than basic pitches to the publisher.

Axel Stone1
Blaze Fielding1
Adam Hunter1

Personally speaking, we'd love to see both of these franchises revived for a new generation — perhaps even a 3DS or Wii U eShop release? Both have been dormant for far too long, if you ask us.

What Sega series would you like to see resurrected on modern hardware? And what do you think of Bautista's artwork?

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