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We hate to keep going on about it, but Microsoft revealed the Xbox One to the world this week. We're obviously biased, but we happen to think it looks a little underwhelming in purely physical terms — Nintendo Life Operations Director Darren Calvert said it best when he described the console as "giant Betamax-styled brick". Clearly aesthetics weren't top of Microsoft's list of priorities when it designed the new system.

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If you want to be reminded of just how gorgeous video game hardware can look, cast your eyeballs over this custom Sharp Twin Famicom. The work of Zoki64 — who is certainly no stranger to modding classic consoles — this machine has been given a glossy finish to make it even more desirable.

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In case you're unfamiliar with the system, it was produced by Sharp (with Nintendo's blessing) and only saw the light of day in Japan. It's basically a Famicom (NES, if you will) and Famicom Disk System all wrapped up in one.

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If only games consoles looked as downright sexy as this today, eh?

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