Sonic the Hedgehog Front Screen

The SEGA series of 3D classics has been gracing the Japanese 3DS eShop this year, and if you follow our Nintendo Life YouTube page you'll have seen how keen we are for these releases, as we've been filming the Japanese versions for your pleasure.

While the eventual Western arrival of 3D Space Harrier was made more likely due to Australian classification, the same can now be said for 3D Sonic the Hedgehog and 3D Altered Beast, which have just received their own classifications, leaving 3D Super Hang-On as the odd one out of the four. Considering the fact that 3D Space Harrier was playable in London for attendees at the recent MCM expo, it certainly seems like a case of when rather than if.

Also in our benefit is that these were all games released in the West back in the day, and we'd wager will still have enthusiastic fans that'd snap up a new 3D version. Some of the SEGA '90s kids within Nintendo Life Towers are certainly hopeful, and we may not have long to wait.