Yesterday we reported that more details were incoming for Pokémon X & Y, particularly in an upcoming episode of Pokémon Smash on 19th May, in which Junichi Masuda will feature. We also suggested, courtesy of Serebii, that details were likely before then with the publication of the latest issue of CoroCoro magazine. It turns out that was accurate, as the first images have emerged and seem to show four new Pokémon coming to X & Y.

You can see these in the main image to the right (click to enlarge), and Serebii has translated some of the details:

  • On the far right is Gogoat, a grass-type riding Pokémon — 1.7m and 91.0kg, can learn Horn Leech.
  • At the bottom is Elikiteru, an electric/normal-type — a Generation 'mon that's 0.5m and 6.0kg. There's a new move called Parabola Charge to heal the user while damaging opponents, and it generates electricity using solar rays.
  • The bird on the left is Yayakoma, a normal/flying Japanese Robin Pokémon — 0.3m and 1.7kg, it can use the Nitro Charge.
  • The Panda-type creature at the top is Yancham, a Fighting-type Naughty Pokémon — 0.6m and 8.0kg, it has a new moves called the Parting Remark.

Serebii has also posted the cover (below) which seems to have the box art on the right side. Additional details are that the setting is to be called the Karos Region, which as suspected looks to inspired by France, while a key city is Miare City. There'll also be limited customisation of characters, which was also expected, with an image of that also taken.

You can check out the images below, and simply click to enlarge. What do you think of these details and the new 'mon? Let us know in the comments below.