Smashy smashy...

In mid-April we reported on a rumour that Majesco is lining up an imminent North American 3DS retail release of Crash City Mayhem on 14th May. While the publisher does have the game listed on its website, however, we're yet to see firm confirmation of a release date.

It looks like Europe could be ahead of the game, however, with a press release confirming that the title — known as Runabout 3D: Drive Impossible in Japan — will be released in the region by Ghostlight. Perhaps due to its original legacy as a retail title, the publisher has opted to make the eShop release £17.99/€19.99 when it arrives in next week's update, on 9th May.

This game does sound fairly well suited for the handheld, as it seemingly comprises of riding a variety of vehicles through a city in a series of missions — perhaps good for that bus ride to work. While smashing through the city you'll apparently be taking on an "evil syndicate of terrorists", while you an also out run the police, plant bombs and more. Quite how well it'll perform — big 3D-based environments like cities can be a challenge for the 3DS hardware — is up in the air, but the concept sounds suitably chaotic.

We'll see how it turns out soon enough, but does the concept tickle your fancy?