Wii U VC

So far we've seen glimpses of the Wii U Virtual Console, courtesy of the Famicom Anniversary celebrations bringing us one classic a month for just £0.30/$0.30. And yet, following next week's system update, the real thing will arrive and bring regular retro downloads to the system.

As we've already experienced, the VC titles in Wii U will support GamePad only play, as well as save states and Miiverse access to make the experience that bit more modern. Nintendo's not outlined the official line-up quite yet, but we can expect a lot of the same titles that graced the Wii's Virtual Console.

We can get a taste for some of what's on the way, from the NES and Super NES libraries at least, in the new sizzle reel trailer below that's just been released by Nintendo. We can see titles such as Mega Man and Super Metroid, with the latter being next in line for the Famicom Anniversary discount next month.

Check out the short video below and see how many titles you can spot.