Pikmin 3 Nature

While today may have been branded as a 3DS Direct, the Wii U was mentioned and has enjoyed a bit of attention in the huge amount of information to come out of Nintendo since the broadcasts. One of these is an important one for the home console, with Pikmin 3 confirmed to arrive in North America on 4th August; Europe isn't quite pinned down, but is promised in "just a few months".

It's undoubtedly a high-profile, important title in the hopes of boosting sales and demand for the Wii U, and will ultimately arrive around six weeks or so before the hotly anticipated The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD; that makes Fall a potentially vital time for the system to build momentum.

Some actual footage was shown in the broadcast, too, revealing a rather awesome Winged Pikmin that can follow the player and carry items in the air. With a release date finally pinned down — in North America at least — we can expect a lot more details to filter out in the coming weeks and months.

So, who's setting aside some time in August for this new Wii U title?