What's next, Luigi?

Update: 2nd April - OK maybe this article is telling a few porky pies!

Original Article:

As the "Year of Luigi" gets into full swing, it appears that the younger member of the Mario Bros. is set to appear in a number of additional titles in the coming months, giving them his own twist in the process.

We understand that there are plans to introduce a "Luigi Code" to various Virtual Console releases this year, that'll add Luigi into the main game through colour palette swaps and even re-skins of characters. Perhaps inspired by recent homemade mods by parents swapping the genders of heroes, for example, select retro releases on the 3DS and Wii U Virtual consoles will have subtle tweaks, with each game having its own unique code to enter. Rather like the famous Konami code, there'll be inputs to match titles for various effects; it's also possible that updates will be sent out to existing Virtual Console releases that'll add further Luigi codes.

The possibility of a green Samus suit in Super Metroid on the Wii U Virtual Console, or perhaps a switch to make Dr. Mario transform into Dr. Luigi on the 3DS platform are just some options, with themes likely to range from adding a green hue or possibly making Luigi a playable character in a title such as Balloon Fight.

With the Year of Luigi up to now being limited to just a few game releases, it seems that the promotion is about to get more creative. What Luigi mods and re-skins would you like to see using an all-new code? Let us know in the comments below.