While today's Nintendo 3DS Direct brought a fair few solid release dates and details, we also got a taste of some rather tasty new titles in development for the end of this year and beyond. While it's unclear whether it'll arrive this year or in 2014, Satoru Iwata gave us a sneak peak of a brand new Yoshi's Island title on the way to the 3DS.

The footage shown incorporated a similar art style to the iconic titles in the series so far, with a good share of stomps and egg throwing included for good measure; it was also promised that the capabilities of the system will bring a host of new actions. More details and a release window will come at a later date, so we'll just have to be patient.

That may not be much to work with, but the glimpses we've seen have given some early proof that the move-set and style that's made the series much loved is being retailed. Those additional details can't come soon enough.