Medusa isn't exclusive to Kid Icarus, you know

Witch & Hero is one of a significant number of download titles being published by CIRCLE Entertainment this year, as it moves increasingly away from DSiWare and onto 3DS download software. This one arrives in Europe in next week's update, with the North American release to follow soon, and promises to deliver a retro, old-school flavour to tempt us in.

With 20 stages packed full of enemies, two difficulty settings, as well as Trial and Infinite modes on offer, this title is all about defeating plenty of monsters, leveling up and bringing your accompanying witch back to life for limited periods to help out. With a top down perspective and 8-bit visuals and sound, we expect plenty of button tapping and gathering to be the order of the day.

A new trailer explaining the back-story and providing a taste of what to expect is below. Has this one piqued your interest?