Last week, we interviewed Rose Colored Gaming's Matthew "Wiggy" Wiggins about his unique range of console modifications.

In the feature, Wiggins revealed that he gets quite a kick out of buying grimy-looking games and systems and then freshing them up for a new lease of life, and in a recent blog post on his site, we get to see just how extreme this process can be.

The image below is a Game Boy Advance console that Wiggins ordered online. "This is how it arrived, in a stinky padded envelope, wrapped in a sticky grocery bag," he explains. "The buttons felt like they’re been soaked in Dr. Pepper and the power switch required a pry bar to slide, and it smelled like it had consumed an entire carton of Philly Blunts on its own."

Collage Before Copy

Astonishingly, the image below is the exact same console. The only parts Wiggins had to replace were the battery cover (which was missing in the first place) and the screen lens. Everything else is original.

Collage After Copy

It's incredible to see the state that some people allow their hardware to fall into, and equally amazing to see the amount of effort that others put in to bringing it back to life. "I would actually feel comfortable licking this GBA at this point," admits Wiggins. Now that's having confidence in your work.