We've know for a good while now that Renegade Kid, probably best known for 3DS eShop — and soon to be enhanced for Wii U eShop — title Mutant Mudds, has been working on a first-person title for the handheld's download store. In fact some may not be aware that the team produced three FPS titles for DS that, at the time, pushed the hardware's capabilities and received some critical praise.

Ahead of PAX East getting into full swing, the developer has now launched the dedicated website for this title; it's called Cult County. The official web page for the game currently shows a logo and some screenshots; it looks like it may be a title with survival horror elements, with a grainy filter — very '80s horror movie — and a character approaching an ominous church with nothing but a wrench at hand.

We'll no doubt learn more in the coming days and weeks. The official site also provides a QR code to see some screenshots in 3D — we've also handily provided the QR code and 2D versions of the screens below.

Thanks to 'beat' for the tip.