Liberation Maiden2

In a surprising development, former Guild01 compilation game and current eShop download, Liberation Maiden, has made the jump to Apple's iOS platform. We say that this is surprising, but it's now just one of a number of 3DS titles that have gone in either direction between the Nintendo handheld and smartphone/tablet devices.

This is an interesting release as it seems unlikely that Level-5 would stop there, so we wouldn't rule out the possibility that other Guild titles could make their way to other devices. So far Liberation Maiden has been spotted on the New Zealand store, but it's starting to make its way around the regions; a simple search also shows that it's now on Italy's iTunes, with a price of €4.49, as compared to €7.99 on the European eShop.

With Guild02's games now on the way to the Japanese eShop, and with some in the West hoping localisation will come through again, we may have to accept that these aren't as exclusive as they may have initially appeared.

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