It's a gun-toting frog to the rescue

Daisuke "Pixel" Amaya is quite a favourite among some gamers, particularly those with a taste for retro-styled graphics. Best known for Cave Story and for his origins developing games as PC shareware, new releases from the one-man developer have been less forthcoming. Fans with a 3DS in North America have had the opportunity to try another of his older titles recently, of course, with Ikachan's arrival.

Amaya has unveiled a new title, however, Gero Blaster. A side-scrolling shooter with clear graphical and gameplay inspirations from his most famous title, you play as Kaeru, a gun-toting frog, on the search for his kidnapped girlfriend. Announced at BitSummit in Japan for a May release, it's not clear whether that's its scheduled arrival in Amaya's homeland or in a number of territories. Oh, and it's officially an iOS game right now.

But, of course, Twitter goes into gear, and a speculative tweet prompted Nicalis man Tyrone Rodriguez to giveaway the fact that, unless something goes wrong, his team is working to bring the title to 3DS.

You can check out some screenshots below. Let us know whether a brand new action shooter from Amaya is high on your wishlist.

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