In December of last year, Mega Man celebrated its 25th anniversary. Yes, it was way back in 1987 when Mega Man blasted his way onto the NES and quickly cemented himself into gaming folklore.

To celebrate the Blue Bomber's birthday, Capcom is releasing a special edition Mega Man Ultrabook. The design hasn't been finalised just yet as it's been put up for public vote. If you'd like to let Capcom know which design you'd like to see clad all over the super-thin Ultrabook then you can head over to the website and make your voice heard.

The Ultrabook itself has a 14.1" LCD screen, is only 19mm thick and weighs in at a super-light 1.67kg. The storage device is a solid state drive, while the processor is third generation.

As of right now, the Ultrabook is Japan-only and will be available for order on 29th March.

However, North America isn't being totally left out, as Capcom is releasing a special Mega Man flash drive into its store at some point this week. It comes with a few digital extras including the Mega Man #1-4 comic book, an art book and a Street Fighter x Mega Man soundtrack.

The Universal Serial Bus-ter drive

If only North Americans could use their Universal Serial Bus-ter stick with a Mega Man Ultrabook...

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