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It's Club Nintendo Rewards time again, North American gamers, with more downloadable goodies becoming available in exchange for some treasured gold coins. This month offers a mixture of retro Virtual Console treats and some DSiWare titles, detailed below.

Bird & Beans — 100 Coins
Metal Torrent — 150 Coins
Paper Mario — 200 Coins
Kirby Super Star — 150 Coins

All of these rewards will be available until 10th March, and some are certainly worth considering. For full details or to pick any of these up check out the Club Nintendo reward page.

As we like a good poll here at Nintendo Life, you can say which of these you're interested in with a vote and a comment, if you fancy it.

Which Club Nintendo Reward will you pick up first? (208 votes)

Bird & Beans


Metal Torrent


Paper Mario


Kirby Super Star


None of them


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