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Brownie Brown, a development studio funded and owned by Nintendo has confirmed that it's undergoing a change in its internal structure; this will involve the company restarting and being named 1-UP Studio.

The team's work is often characterised as offering support and collaborative effort on major projects, including a role in Game Boy Advance title Mother 3. More recently it headed up the London Life mode included with North American copies of Professor Layton and the Last Specter as well as Level 5's Fantasy Life, a 3DS RPG that some still hope will see localisation in the West after a successful initial launch in Japan. As a further indication of the level of trust the studio has earned with Nintendo, it was also credited for its contribution to Super Mario 3D Land.

The studio's new name is certainly appropriate as a Nintendo-owned studio, and perhaps isn't surprising in light of the company's recent moves to modernise and re-organise development departments. That said, Brownie Brown was a fun name, right?