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A number of game developers and publishers from every corner of the globe gathered at the DICE Summit in Las Vegas earlier this week. It's essentially a networking event for developers to come together, share ideas and talk about industry trends.

Naturally Wii U was spoken about a fair bit, but it appears that rather than talking about the projects it has in the works, some developers were focused more on what projects had fallen by the wayside.

Sidhe co-founder Mario Wynands attended the event and had the following to say on what was spoken about this year regarding Nintendo's home console:

At DICE, nobody has been talking about the new Wii U projects they have started, only the Wii U projects that have just been cancelled.

Platform is in serious trouble.

Wynands went on to say that Wii U is struggling to ship games, saying that a high budget game that Nintendo had hoped would sell millions had only sold tens of thousands thus far. We have no idea which game was being referred to here, but he claims "it is one of the top rated games for the platform".

Pubs and devs never recoiled from PS3 like they seem to be with Wii U (though this is anecdotal). There was always the confidence that the numbers would get there over time with PS3. I’m not sensing that with Wii U.

It doesn't appear developers and publishers had many positive things to say about Wii U, which will be discouraging news for owners of the new system, especially in light of the news this week that Rayman Legends will now be multi-platform. Wii U owners will surely be hoping that Nintendo can get more third parties on board to develop more exclusives in order to give the console a boost.

What are your thoughts on what was apparently discussed at DICE this week regarding Wii U? Let us know in the comments below.

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