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So, Wii U Direct was quite a show from Iwata-san, wasn't it? While there's a tendency for gamers of all types to always want more, we feel confident in saying that Nintendo delivered plenty of announcements and news to intrigue and excite the majority. There were some genuine surprises in there, as well as big announcements that had been long rumoured.

As you've no doubt seen, we've endeavoured to cover every story that's come out of the broadcast, and will continue to do so. In terms of our reaction to it and features content, that'll follow tomorrow and beyond; there's a lot to digest, covering a variety of facets of Wii U, and we want to gather our thoughts before we start writing in greater detail. It's not like we're short of news to enjoy for today, in any case.

An important thing for us, meanwhile, is to know what you think. This was a blockbuster Nintendo Direct that went for some serious headlines, and we want to know what you thought about it. We've included a few polls and the full presentation below, and we'd love to read your opinions on today's broadcast bonanza in the comments section. There sure is a lot to talk about.

What was the biggest announcement in Wii U Direct, for you? (523 votes)

  1. Wii U Virtual Console6%
  2. Wii U Virtual Console "Trial" promotion3%
  3. New project from Monolith Soft18%
  4. Zelda Wii U and Wind Waker HD36%
  5. Mario and Mario Kart U coming to E36%
  6. Fire Emblem/Shin-Megami Tensei crossover6%
  7. New Yoshi title4%
  8. Wii U system updates2%
  9. I can't decide!16%
  10. None of the above2%

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Which is your most anticipated game from Wii U Direct? (472 votes)

  1. The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD22%
  2. The Legend of Zelda Wii U22%
  3. Super Mario 3D Wii U13%
  4. Mario Kart U5%
  5. Yarn Yoshi8%
  6. Fire Emblem/Shin-Megami Tensei7%
  7. Wii Fit U  0.6%
  8. Wii U Party  0%
  9. Bayonetta 26%
  10. The Wonderful 1013%
  11. I can't choose!13%

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What's your view on the Wii U Virtual Console announcement? (460 votes)

  1. I was really pleased with all of the details30%
  2. Glad that it's confirmed, but disappointed at the absence of GameCube36%
  3. Pleased that I can get previously purchased Wii VC games for less6%
  4. Disappointed with the pricing and charges for previously purchased Wii VC games20%
  5. Disappointed with the delay to Spring4%
  6. None of the above3%

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