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If we could give the "Rumour" prefix on this news story additional emphasis, then we would - because this one needs to be taken with a sizable pinch of salt.

Japanese magazine GameLab is reporting that the delay of Monster Hunter 4 on the 3DS isn't due to quality improvements - as stated by Capcom - but because the game is being developed simultaneously for the PS Vita, and both versions will launch at the same time.

Monster Hunter is a series that is very close to the hearts of Sony fans - it's the reason the PlayStation Portable was able to claw itself back from the dead in its struggle with the Nintendo DS a few years back. Ironically, Nintendo and Sony find themselves in a similar position today - the 3DS is dominating while the PS Vita's sales are - to put it bluntly - in the toilet.

However, history doesn't always repeat itself and we'd be shocked if Nintendo allowed Capcom to pull the rug from underneath it in such a fashion. Monster Hunter 4 may well end up on the PS Vita in one form or another in the future, but the idea of its suddenly becoming a simultaneous release on both 3DS and Vita is unthinkable - especially as Capcom and Nintendo seem to be enjoying a pretty positive relationship of late. Plus, the 3DS offers a much larger market for Capcom right now - it's just sold 10 million units in Japan alone.

What are your thoughts on this rumour? Do you think there's any truth in it, or is it a load of old cobblers? Drop a comment below to let us know.