7000 systems still missing

Last month a group of thieves managed to steal 7,000 Wii U consoles from a distribution warehouse in Seattle. They did this by simply driving to SeaTac's Seattle Air Cargo warehouse during a storm, walking in, loading up pallets of the consoles into three large vehicles and then driving off.

Since then information has been thin on the ground but there has been a recent new development – police have found the vehicles used in the robbery but no Wii U consoles were present. The detectives involved said that they had recovered "two trailers and a box truck" that were involved in the theft, with their markings and vehicle identification numbers painted over in white.

Police have now upped the reward for any information on the missing goods to $10,000. The 7,000 Wii U consoles are worth $2 million - $300 each.

If you live in the U.S. and come across any sales of Wii U systems online that you suspect may be stolen — for example large quantities being sold together — then contact the The King County Sheriff's office on (206) 296-3311.

[source kotaku.com]