Let battle commence

This Sunday thousands of dedicated Pokémon trainers will flock to several host cites with their copies of Pokémon Black and White Version 2 to attend the Pokémon Video Game Winter Regional Championships.

The tournament will see competitors from three different age divisions battle it out for the title of Pokémon Winter Regional Champion. The prize for their endeavours? First place finishers in each division will receive Travel Awards to the 2013 Pokémon U.S. National Championships, which will be taking place 5th-7th July in Indianapolis, Indiana. A selection of other top finishers will also earn Championship Points, improving their chances of getting an invitation to the 2013 Pokémon World Championships in Vancouver, Canada this coming August.

To celebrate Sunday's shenanigans, attendees at all five locations who bring their Nintendo DS or 3DS and a copy of Pokémon Black and White — or Pokémon Black and White Version 2 — to the event will receive a special gift: a Cloyster based on the one Abram Burrows used in his 2012 Junior Division World Championship team. It will be holding a Choice Scarf and comes with a bunch of rare and powerful moves: Icicle Spear, Rock Blast, Hidden Power, and Razor Shell.

The host cities are Long Beach, California; Lake Buena Vista, Florida; St. Charles, Missouri; Salem, Oregon; and Sandston, Virginia. For more information and the locations' specific addresses head over to the Video Game Event Locator or the TCG Event Locator.

Will any of you be heading to this event? You don't need to be competing to attend, as it's an open event aimed at bringing as many Pokémaniacs together as possible. If you do go, let us know how you get on!