Grim times for Nintendo's president

Nintendo President Satoru Iwata has hinted that he will step down if goals for the next fiscal year are not met.

Speaking in a Corporate Management Policy Briefing, Iwata addressed the thorny issue of two consecutive years of losses and recent financial troubles:

We feel greatly accountable for this severe outlook...we plan to actively release our key titles for Nintendo 3DS which could potentially lead the markets this year.

Iwata has set a target of 100 billion yen ($1.09963 billion) in operating income for the next fiscal year. When asked what action he would take if this goal was not met, Iwata said:

Please understand that [achieving it] is my commitment.

Grim words indeed - basically, if Nintendo don't hit that target, Iwata is putting his head on the chopping block. Hopefully that won't be the case, as Iwata has been one of Nintendo's most popular and successful presidents - it would be tragic if his tenure were to end in such a fashion.

Do you think Iwata should make himself personally accountable for the sluggish commercial performance of the company? Or should Nintendo's investors and shareholders consider the fact that the games industry is changing, and that might mean a period of reduced income or slightly lower expectations? Leave a comment to let us know - we're sure you will do, anyway.

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