Diagrams can help too

Though Wii U has been available in North America for nearly a month, Nintendo is still producing information and videos to help new owners get the most out of their systems. One strength of the new console, something that Nintendo's been offering for a number of years on different systems, is full backward compatibility.

Although popping onto the Wii channel and firing up a game is simple enough, those that want to transfer their downloadable content and save data have some hoops to jump through. The actual steps for the Wii to Wii U transfer are quite well known, but now there's an official video to provide a visual guide to the process. You get a glimpse of the Pikmin-inspired animations and see a lot of simulated movements of an SD card between systems, with everything clearly explained. It's excellent that this feature is included, though unsurprisingly the video doesn't highlight the fiddly nature of moving between the systems on multiple occasions; Nintendo's previously suggested that two TVs are used at the same time.

Check it out below, and if you've done this Wii to Wii U system transfer, let us know how it went in the comments section.

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