Wii may be fading into the shadows in the face of its HD successor, but today brings a new release to the little white box in the UK. It's the LOVEFiLM app, which will allow subscribers to stream TV shows and movies directly to their TV, assuming they have a suitable online connection.

If you're a subscriber, all you need to do is download the free app from the Wii Shop and you're good to go, with the company boasting of over eight million users. This is an Amazon business, and a number of you may have noticed the LOVEFiLM window on your Wii U home menu, effectively making this the UK's equivalent to the Amazon Instant Video app in the U.S. In the press release announcing the app Shelly Pearce, Marketing & PR Director for Nintendo UK, has stated that the Wii U version will be live in the near future.

We are thrilled to be partnering with LOVEFiLM to offer Wii owners and soon Wii U owners on-demand film and TV content to enjoy. LOVEFiLM has a proven track record of success and innovation in film distribution and is a very welcome addition.

If you happen to be a subscriber and want to use LOVEFiLM on your Wii U right now, you can always try using the Wii mode on your system to use the older system's app. We're assuming that'll work, but let us know how you get on with this on either console in the comments below.