So, yeah...

Tekken Tag Tournament 2: Wii U Edition will be available on launch day, and will include a number of features and modes exclusive to Nintendo's console. As you'd expect, adding Nintendo into a Tekken title promises to bring bizarre and humorous results, while the GamePad itself will allow control options and customisation with just a few touches of the extra screen.

We've had a couple of brief opportunities to play this title, and on each occasion we couldn't deny that, in multiplayer especially, the extra options were a lot of fun. It's a title also getting a big push in Japan, particularly, with Hori releasing a rather attractive Tekken Tag Tournament 2 fight stick, though gamers in the UK will need to settle for a rather bland alternative. For fans of fighting games intent on picking up a Wii U, it's possible that this is on their radars.

Still, nothing shows the Nintendo-branded madness that's been added to this title like the latest Japanese trailer. As well as showing more conventional play, it demonstrates the mascot outfits, costume customisation, touch screen controls and the rather demented special mode, with mushroom power ups causing plenty of chaos. Check it out below.