KnapNok Games has released details of its forthcoming Wii U eShop title Spin The Bottle, a game which allows up to 8 players to indulge in addictive micro-challenges which take their attention away from the TV and focus it solely on the Wii U GamePad.

A collaborative project between KnapNok and Swedish indie studio Redgrim, Spin The Bottle asks players to sit in a circle around the Wii U GamePad and spin a virtual bottle to decide which two will take on the head-to-head challenge. The challenges themselves utilise Wii Remotes and - according to the developer - involve "tight coordination, daring trust, body and eye contact or extreme flexibility".

It might sound a bit kinky - especially when you consider that the developer previously worked on a title called Dark Room Sex Game - but it's all good-natured fun, as the promotional photos below seek to illustrate. Spin The Bottle is due for release early in 2013.

Spin the Bottle 3
Spin the Bottle 1
Spin the Bottle 2
Spin the Bottle 4
Spin the Bottle 5