A happy journey

Sometimes the Western world just isn't enthusiastic enough about video games. Sure, gamers in Europe and North America in particular buy an enormous volume of video games on a yearly basis and pay plenty of cash for new consoles, but do we, in our various individual cultures, love gaming enough to have anything as awesome as this Pokémon train?

We've shared some fun gaming culture from Japan before, such as themed restaurants or even quirky games that'll never see release in the West, but an actual video game-themed train is a stand out. It's being run by JR East from 22nd December, apparently, and will be in service around the Tohoku area. To be perfectly honest, none of that is as interesting as the fact that it'll have a play area, making it roughly 100% better than boring old trains full of people going to work.

The images really say it all, and the fact that this seems to be very real — it was originally found on the official Pokémon website — with the train set to be in service during holiday periods in particular, makes it all the better. Some lucky children — and grown-up children-at-heart — will no doubt be lining up for a ride.

As this is a story about a train, we'll leave you to make various choo-choo-choose a Pokémon jokes in the comments below.

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