You don't know who I am?

One of the many advantages of being a video game voice actor is that you can walk down the street without anyone giving you so much as a second look. However, when you're the voice actor of one of the most iconic characters in gaming, it's a different story altogether - which is why we were very surprised to see Charles Martinet interviewed by pure coincidence on an Australian news channel, not knowing they were talking to the Italian plumber himself.

Charles was set to fly out of Melbourne Airport but the international departure terminal was evacuated after airport staff reported that a “mysterious package” was discovered. Luckily this turned out to be a false alarm, and immediately Australia’s Channel Seven News arrived on the scene where they interviewed several random people about the incident; Charles being one of them. We hope he made it back to the Mushroom Kingdom without any further delays!

Martinet was recently at EB Expo in Australia, where we he took the time out of his busy schedule to speak to us, and leave a message for our readers.

Watch the video clip below, Charles can be found for a brief moment at 0:12.

Thanks Mario_Party_Fan_999 for the tip!