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For loyal readers of Nintendo Power, or perhaps just those that have fond memories of reading it in their youth, the December issue will be the last print copy to enjoy. Perhaps unlike any other website or magazine closures in recent years this is undeniably one that can be directly traced to Nintendo, with the decision taken not to renew the publishing agreement with Future, which had taken over the magazine in 2007.

As part of an interview with forbes.com, Nintendo of America boss Reggie Fils-Aime explained the decision and his own affinity for the magazine.

We had a fabulous relationship with [Nintendo Power publisher] Future. When we made the decision a number of years ago on who would be the best publishing partner to work with, hands down they were the right choice, and they did a phenomenal job.

But this is a tough time for the print industry. And so mutually we came to the decision that Nintendo Power in a printed form didn’t make sense today. What the future holds, we’ll all see. But right now that December issue is going to be the last one. I’ll make sure to have my copy. I was a subscriber to the publication before I worked for the company, so the Nintendo Power brand personally is very meaningful to me. It’ll be a sad day when I open up that last issue.

In a slither of hope for its fans, Fils-Aime refused to rule out a future for Nintendo Power, meaning that optimists can hope for a digital rebirth, potentially.

We have nothing to announce today and there are no plans that are currently in place, but you said it. The Nintendo Power brand is very strong.

With just a few issues remaining, those who've supported the print version are on the final stretch. Would you be interested in a digital version of Nintendo Power in the future, or do you think the brand should end with the magazine at the end of the year? Let us know in the comments below.

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