Check out that background

There's been a flood of content relating to the forthcoming Wii U platformer New Super Mario Bros. U, with details about new levels, game modes and a selection of fresh screenshots.

Nintendo has confirmed seven of the game's worlds. Acorn Plains, Sparkling Waters, Frosted Glacier, Layer Cake Desert have been named so far, with additional areas based on the Forest of Illusion (from Super Mario World) and Sky World (from Super Mario Bros. 3) joined by a world caught in the grip of a tornado.

Fans of Super Mario World will be pleased to learn that this new outing employs a large over-world map with loads of branching pathways and freedom to explore, rather than the slightly boring linear progression seen in previous New Super Mario Bros. titles.

And then there's Boost Rush mode - a new way of playing the game which force-scrolls the landscape, making things a lot more challenging.

It's all sounding rather good, and to top it all off, Game Informer has released a whole new set of screens - which you can view in the gallery below.

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