Arriving at the departure gate soon

DSiWare developer CIRCLE Entertainment has gotten in touch to confirm that its latest game is close to release.

18th Gate is an RPG adventure title which appears to use a hex-based movement system not entirely unlike those old table-top board games people over the age of 30 used to play before they discovered video gaming.

The game has already been approved for release in North America, and the developers are awaiting final confirmation from Nintendo of a launch date. In Europe, 18th Gate is in the final stages of checking.

Here's the press release, along with a trailer:

In the realm of oblivion, an abandoned palace hides many valuable treasures, but those who enter this place have no real hope of ever escaping.

You play as three different heroes. Journey through 18 different dungeon areas, facing various challenges, including random monsters, traps, limited turns and hidden paths.

Game Features:

  • Adventure through a dungeon with 18 different area
  • Random enemies, traps, and bonus items
  • Play with 3 playable heroes at the same time, each with different abilities and skills