Once they're gone, they're gone

Diamond Trust of London, which is actually called Jason Rohrer with Music by Tom Bailey: Diamond Trust of London, is notable as the first successfully player-funded DS title. As we reported back in May, Diamond Trust of London hit its Kickstarter funding target, meaning that game designer Jason Rohrer was able to fund the production costs for thousands of game cartridges and packaging. With well over 1000 backers, it showed that there's still an appetite within the gaming community for full indie retail releases on the venerable handheld.

As expected, the bulk order of game carts has produced plenty of extras, which are now available to buy directly from the game's official website for $30, if you're based in the United States. There are options to ship worldwide with delivery costs, with the adjusted price for a UK order coming in at $46.95, which at the time of writing equates to £29.55.

Jason Rohrer is renowned for creative, innovative games, and this turn-based strategy title gives you the morally dubious challenge of buying up as many diamonds as possible from Angola before a new UN law is passed. Your activities will involve bribery and smuggling, so definitely not something to try in real life.

Are any of you thinking of taking the plunge with this one?

[source diamondtrustgame.com]