Castle Conqueror's DSiWare swansong?

CIRCLE Entertainment's Castle Conquerors has enjoyed quite a few outings on DSiWare. The original game has spawned a flood of sequels, and there's another on the way in the shape of Castle Conquerors Heroes 2.

Following on from the brilliant Castle Conquerors Heroes - which we decided was "the best entry yet in a very enjoyable series" - this new installment is yet again set in the distant future, so instead of knights and dragons, you're fighting against foes equipped with the very latest in military hardware.

According to the developer, the game is in the final stages of checking and should be released in all regions very soon. CIRCLE also added that this could well be the final entry in the series for DSiWare.

Perhaps this well-liked RTS is set to conquer the 3DS eShop next?