A game that needs brains

ZombiU is arguably one of the most intriguing Wii U launch titles announced so far, eschewing the bright and colourful approach of certain high-profile rivals and promising dark, frightening survival horror in a zombie-infested London. During E3 it also showed off some clever uses of the Wii U GamePad, by making it a key part of the game as well as the main controller.

Ubisoft has now started a developer's diary for the title to show off what it'll involve, how it'll work and to generally get us excited about its release. The first episode explains the concept of single-death characters — you take over someone else when eaten by zombies — as well as explaining the setting and some of the GamePad functionality that's used. You can see the video below, though as you'd expect of a zombie game there's plenty of gore, and if you want to learn a bit more about how it plays you can check out our ZombiU first impressions.