Want to argue with Harada-San? Didn't think so

It's nice to want things. For example, I'm sure many people reading this would love to have a Wii U console sitting under their TV set right now. Or perhaps a brand-new Ferrari on the driveway. Heck, why not wish for your own personal tropical island paradise while you're at it? Go crazy.

It's tempting to surmise that Tekken producer Katsuhiro Harada has gone a little crazy with his latest wish. Speaking to News.com.au, Harada-San — who has worked on Namco's premier fighting series for the past 17 years — expressed his belief that Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft should put aside their differences and produce a single console.

For a long time, the game industry has been able to control the way people play games. There was a platform that people used solely for their gaming needs, and the industry had control of the trends and such that occurred. People are able to not be tied down by consoles. And it doesn’t stop with phones, we have browser gaming and all these different platforms. I think it would be interesting if Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo got together just to make one console. It makes me very happy to think about all the possibilities that could occur because of that.

While many have scoffed at this stance, Harada-San's comments hint at a platform agnostic future which is becoming increasingly less ridiculous as the years roll by. Let's not forget that this kind of collaboration has occurred in the past — Nintendo joined forces with Sega and Namco to create the Tri-Force arcade hardware back in 2005. While we think it will be a long time before the three rivals entertain such a notion in the domestic hardware arena, Harada-San's thoughts can't be dismissed as completely crazy just yet — he may well be proven right in years to come.

What do you think? Would you like to see all three major manufacturers join forces to create the ultimate games console, with Zelda, God of War and Fable all available? Let us know in the comments section, as always.

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