Concentrate, or else!

The latest title in the Brain Age series — which we've been calling Demon Training — has now been available in Japan for a little over a month, but the popularity of the series has made localised versions in other regions an inevitability. North America now has details, with Nintendo of America confirming a release date of 3rd December via Twitter.

Dr. Kawashima is back to train your brain! Brain Age: Concentration Training launches for Nintendo #3DS on 12/3.

As well as hitting just in time for Christmas, this release may be a retail title that tempts gamers into downloading via the eShop. In Japan, Satoru Iwata stated that 20% of early sales of the title were downloads, which is probably due to the fact that it involves short, daily exercises of around five minutes. In terms of what the game aims to help you achieve, it's all about maintaining concentration and focus, so it may ask a question but force you to delay your answer by one turn, for example.

We have little doubt that this will arrive in Brain Training form in Europe too, so we will keep our eyes peeled for updates. In the meantime, are any of you North Americans planning to pick this up, and will you opt for a game cart or download?