North American tank enthusiasts, mark 9th August in your diaries — Touch Battle Tank 3D is on its way to the 3DS eShop.

The arcade-style title has you taking control of your very own tank and blasting away any enemy forces that happen to be about. If you've ever played the Tanks! mini-game in Wii Play, you'll know roughly what to expect.

The surprisingly speedy tanks are shifted around with the Circle Pad, while precision aiming is assigned to the touch screen. 50 stages, plus a further 20 bonus levels and medals to earn, should keep you in the driving seat for a little while. There are also two types of tank to experiment with, Power or Speed. The latter sounds the most exciting; it can jump over mines and enemy fire.

Touch Battle Tank 3D will cost just $4.99 when it's released next month. We've added some screenshots to the media album below, and you can also visit its game page on Nintendo of America's website for a very thorough trailer that explains the gameplay.